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Fast results at the press of a button, enabling real-time decision making


Authenticity, anytime, anywhere.


Scientific rigour at the push of a button.


Results within seconds.

Benefits of portable testing

Access cutting-edge science

Direct, exclusive access to Bia Analytical’s rigorously validated authenticity solutions.

Expanded quality control

Enhancing your quality control process with rapid on-the-spot authentication testing at the point of sampling.

Improved decision-making

Allowing you to make informed decisions immediately. Results are delivered within seconds.

Increased mobility and flexibility

Portable, easy to use technology, enabling testing anywhere in the supply chain.


Enables high through-put screening, resulting in more targeted lab testing.

Unlimited testing

Gain better representation of integrity across your products.

Environmental Impact

Reducing the carbon footprint of your testing regime.

Supply Chain Integrity

End-to-end authenticity confidence across your supply chain.

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