Portable Testing

Combining both Bia Analytical and trinamiX core competencies to develop an innovative solution, will allow clients to test ingredients and receive immediate results, enabling real-time key decision making. As easy as pushing a button, users carry out tests with a handheld device that is connected to an intuitive app for fast results. This authenticity testing solution will be especially useful in detecting food fraud at the point of sampling.

This service uses a combination of a compact device, smartphone app and Bia Analytical’s chemometric modelling solutions to analyse food ingredients allowing clients to test ingredients at the point of sampling, greatly speeding up the time to result allowing key decisions to be made in real time.

The analysis is easily performed by non-laboratory personnel. This food ingredient testing solution will be especially useful in detecting food fraud in inbound raw materials at the point of goods received prior to processing/manufacture. What’s more is that the device is portable, therefore easily transportable around the location or from site to site providing immense scope for regular sample testing.

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Portable Testing

Coming Soon - Bia Analytical Ltd have recently signed a head of terms agreement to partner with trinamiX GmbH to develop a ground-breaking new solution that will offer customers a rapid portable authenticity result at the point of sampling, taking testing out of the lab and into the supply chain.

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