Getting to the meat of authenticity testing

April 3, 2023
Getting to the meat of authenticity testing

Following on from the news story several weeks ago regarding falsely labelled British beef, a recent investigative article published by Farmers Weekly detailed the severity of mass food fraud and safety scandals across the sector. More revelations may yet come. The investigation to date has found that a food manufacturer was allegedly passing off huge volumes of foreign pork as British as well as committing a series of food safety violations. Numerous Industry leaders have remarked that these recent revelations are a “wake up call” and require further investigation and action.

Bia Analytical is delighted to announce the roll out of groundbreaking technology for meat authenticity analysis that will empower businesses to make quick decisions and provide additional confidence in the integrity of their products.

Developed over a 10-year period by Professor Chris Elliott and his team at the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, the technique known as Ambient Mass Spectrometry (‘AMS’) not only can identify the species of meat, but it can also identify the breed, where the meat was produced, whether or not it is organic, and its maturation and even eating quality. All of these parameters contained in a single test truly represent a groundbreaking advance.

Another considerable advantage of the AMS approach is the inclusion of a laser system eliminating the need for sample preparation and thus can deliver test results within minutes. This pioneering work has been augmented by the application of Artificial Intelligence, which has increased the sensitivity and reliability of the testing system.

The challenges in today’s complex and fast-moving food supply chains means that suppliers, processors and retailers need better tools to guarantee supply chain integrity and to deliver safe and authentic foods to the consumer.

Professor Chris Elliott said, “Food fraud is a multi-billion-pound criminal industry. Detection of this fraud needs cutting edge science and technology. I’m delighted the pioneering working conducted within the Institute for Global Food Security by my research group is being implemented by Bia Analytical. We believe there is no other testing system in the world that is as powerful at detecting multiple types of food adulteration in one single and rapid test.”

Bia Analytical is a leading food authentication testing laboratory based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with cutting-edge food authenticity testing methods that help protect the integrity food supply chain.

Bia Analytical continue to excel in providing leading laboratory-based testing and the development of portable food authenticity testing services using the latest innovations in science and technology.

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