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Food fraud and food adulteration is a growing concern. It is estimated that food fraud costs the UK food and drink industry up to £12bn a year. Foods such as grains, spices, coffee, wine, honey and fish are among the categories most commonly subjected to fraud.

There is still a gap between production, consumption and regulatory surveillance to keep food fraudsters under control. So how can you be sure that what you’re eating is the real thing? Solving this dilemma is where Bia Analytical’s skills in food fraud detection comes in.

We were established to support the food sector in detecting food fraud by providing ISO 17025 accredited authenticity testing services. ISO/IEC 17025 enables laboratories like ours to demonstrate that we operate competently and generate valid results. It also helps facilitate cooperation between our laboratory and other bodies by generating wider acceptance of results.

We maintain close ties to the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS), and we continue to operate out of the ASSET (Assured, Safe and Traceable) laboratory within IGFS giving us access to cutting edge technologies. We recently secured funding worth over £550K to launch our lab-based food fraud detection services and continue research into the development of our portable food authenticity platforms.

As well as offering a laboratory testing service for food authenticity and safety, Bia Analytical will extend its product offering to include highly innovative portable testing tools to allow customers to rapidly test for food authenticity and safety at the point of sampling across global supply chains.

In recent months we have developed a portable ingredient testing solution which will enable customers to access rapid test analysis whenever and wherever required, without the need to send samples to a laboratory. Click for more information or to register your interest in this service.

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