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Dr Simon Haughey

Dr Simon Haughey

Chief Scientific Officer

Simon is a founder and CSO of Bia Analytical advising the company on laboratory-based methods and chemometric models. Simon is a Senior Research Fellow within IGFS at Queen’s University Belfast. His current research interest is the use of molecular spectroscopic tools (e.g. RAMAN/NIRS/FT-IR/Hyperspectral Imaging) to detect food and feed fraud, authenticity, quality and safety. He has expertise in: Spectroscopic “Fingerprinting” techniques for detection of adulteration of food and feedstuffs; Development of risk management models for ranking hazards in food and animal feed sectors; Expertise in the use of Raman, FT-IR and NIRS to detect adulteration of feed oils such as soya oil (with transformer oils and mineral oils), soya meal (with melamine), chili powders (with Sudan dye), Oregano (with cheaper waste leaves). Furthermore, he is Technical Manager for IGFS’s ISO accreditation. Simon has published more than 80 scientific papers on the topic of food safety and food authenticity. He previously spent more than 8 years as a Senior Research Scientist in a university start-up company where his activities included research, product development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic kits.

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